June 30, 2022
Internet Service

Hand holding digital tablet with cloud of IOT

If there two certainties in life, they are that computers are always getting smaller and that internet connections are always getting faster. The beauty of it all is that each one helps the other reach new heights. Another certainty will have to be added to the list too thanks to advancements in cellular technology: products tend towards becoming more portable and mobile. A perfect example of that last point involves 4G internet service. In fact, all three of those certainties have a synergistic relationship with one another. In the end though, consumers should expect the internet connectivity landscape to experience the most drastic changes.

In a lot of ways, advancements in internet connections are due to advancements in computers. As they get increasingly faster, connectivity options have to adapt in order to keep up, especially since more and more applications are moving onto the internet. Perhaps in the past when the internet wasn’t as integral to daily tasks, connections weren’t as important. Now that web applications and cloud computing are becoming the norm, the technology you use to connect really matters.

4G internet service is perhaps the perfect way to be plugged into the internet nowadays, especially given the current trends in computing. As mentioned previously, devices are tending towards becoming smaller, and they’ve gotten so small that it’s reasonable to take them wherever you go. Therefore, not only does your internet connection have to get faster to accommodate those faster speeds, but it needs to be as portable as your computer is now too. Unfortunately for cable and DSL, they no longer have what it takes to keep up because they’ll always be stuck at your residence. They’ll never evolve beyond that either because it’s not physically possible for them to. Wires can only be made to be so long before the laws of physics step in. What’s needed is a true wireless internet solution.

From a consumer’s perspective, it’s actually logical to assume that cable and DSL are actually going to end up becoming obsolete one day. To be fair, although wireless technologies have come a long way over the years, wired connections are still faster at present. But at what point is the consumer going to stop caring? Most people will eventually start valuing portability and mobility more. It’s quite possible that 4G has reached that point right now. It’s a fast enough connection that most people will be more than satisfied with its speeds, and it can actually be faster than most standard installations of cable and DSL anyway. In other words, it’s fast and mobile enough for whatever the future has in store.

Because of all that it has going for it, 4G is in essence the only internet connection that’s going to be able to keep up with trends in computing. Your small and portable powerhouse of a machine will look out of place next to a traditional wired connection, that’s for sure. If, on the other hand, it connects to a a mobile and portable cellular internet service, everything will fit together just right.