June 30, 2022

Fast-Teks is a franchise business opportunity based in the ever expanding computer services industry. There are millions upon millions of personal computers out there and they all at some point need servicing. Here is a simple review of this franchise business.

Fast-Teks is a franchise opportunity for the entrepreneur who is tech-savvy and looking to own a franchise business in the personal computer service industry. The cost of starting this opportunity starts at nearly $20,000 and does not include the extra $6-8 thousand needed for marketing your business. With the total price of around $30,000 you will receive the following; a Home Based/Low Overhead, qualified computer technicians, multiple service offerings, call center, marketing (for the added 6-8K) and of course on site training. There is no experience required with servicing computers as the technicians hired will be.

There is a high demand with this industry as businesses and individuals are moving more and more to a reliance on the Internet and their personal computer. FT does answer the demand for this service and the opportunity of creating a thriving and successful business could be had for many entrepreneurs looking to jump into this industry.

Fast-Trek is a solid and legitimate franchise opportunity that could be very promising for the entrepreneur looking for an in-demand business. This system will also allow for the true work from home experience that many of us who are successful online know and enjoy. However, does it truly take a franchise opportunity such as this to create a successful computer service business? No. Having some liquid investment for the staff you need at first while building this business and some Internet marketing experience to drive traffic on your local search engine could be cheaper and easier than the larger investment and just as lucrative. Of course there are always benefits to both as well as cons so it is a must to complete your due diligence before making this kind of decision.