June 30, 2022

When pursuing a career in computer services, you will find many different jobs to consider that place you with constant customer contact or behind-the-scenes managing the daily operations of a particular department. Today, computer repair services are also in high demand when it comes to computer service careers. With varying levels of education and experience, a person interested in computers can easily locate employment within the United States and Canada.

Common Computer Service Career and Jobs

For starters, a Computer Operations Manager is responsible for planning, directing, and managing the day-to-day business of a computer department. They are in charge of creating department policies and procedures. Usually, an associates degree in a related field and at least 8 years of experience are required for this position. Reporting to a senior manager is often expected. The typical salary for this job is seen between $65,880 and $96,211.

As a Computer Aided Design Drafter, one learns how to master the transformation of the beginning stages of a rough product design by using computer-aided design (CAD) to produce helpful documents. Some companies demand an associates degree in a related area and 0-2 years of experience to land a position as a CAD Drafter. While working under immediate supervision, a drafter typically reports to a supervisor or manager. The average annual salary for a Senior CAD Drafter is between $38,831 and $50,323.

With an average base salary of $36,062 to $44,738, a Level I Computer Technician will maintain, analyze, troubleshoot, and repair computer systems and other components. This type of job often requires an associates degree or its equivalent with 0-3 years of experience within the field. Sometimes, this job title is also referred to as a PC Maintenance Technician I.

There are also many positions available on the college or university level as professors apply for computer science jobs in the fields of computers and information sciences. Instructors often prepare and give lectures to filled classrooms, which then break into discussion regarding the material. Hands-on computer exercises and laboratories are led by professors to help students grasp the material. A professor must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in area of specialty, accompanied by 2-4 years of experience in the field of computers. An instructor in computer science usually receives an average annual salary between $36,811 and $68,932. Depending on the college or university, this figure may vary.

With all of the viruses, spyware, and malfunctions threatening computers, becoming a computer repairer can reap a decent salary. Many computer repairers also go on to own their own businesses, where they mend and maintain PCs and laptops, as well as audio and visual equipment. A high school diploma and 2-4 years of experience is needed to perform the duties of this job position. Usually, the completion of an apprenticeship and/or formal training is required. A Computer Equipment Repairer typically makes between $41,582 and $52,769.

Working in Computer Services: United States & Canada

When becoming a part of the Hewlett Packard family, employees receive a competitive base pay, as well as enter a satisfying performance-related pay program called Total Rewards. It is through this program that employees are offered the chance to share in the success of HP, which comes as a direct result of worker performance. Comprehensive benefits are offered through health plans, retirement and savings packages, as well as income protection. Stock ownership is given to HP employees through the Share Ownership Plan.

Microsoft is a well-known computer services company that has earned awards and rankings as one of the top 100 companies to work for, as well as earned high honors in the training department. A Software Developer at Microsoft earns an average annual salary of $118,500. They are also one of few companies that pay 100% of their employees’ health-care premiums.

As an employee at Intel, workers enjoy the Employee Cash Bonus Plan that offers a profit-sharing plan with cash rewards given to employees that takes place twice per year. These figures are based upon a percentage of net income or pretax margin (whichever number is greater). A wide-range of comprehensive medical plans is available to employees, providing cost-effective and flexible choices. Dental benefits come in the form of two different dental plans.

Best Buy is known for selling consumer electronics and other products dedicated to computer software, cell phones, and cameras. Computer-related majors may find a home as part of the “Geek Squad,” which is responsible for helping others with their computer problems. Common duties include performing system checkups and maintenance; hardware and software installation; crashed hard drive repair; virus and spyware removal; and setting up digital devices. Additional companies to seek decent employment in computer services include Dell and IBM.