June 30, 2022
Dating Services

Senior dating services these days are mostly based online service. Without a computer you just do not have the opportunities of meeting so many people, or do you?

There are still some dating agencies that operate through pen and paper and not via the computer, senior people are included, not all of them but a small amount.

The senior services that do not use the internet rely on the postal system you join up and register. A profile for you is then published in a weekly magazine; you will receive so many new members’ profiles yourself each week. These services used to be extremely popular but of course with the age of the computer things changed. With the ‘mail’ services you can arrange a meeting with any of the people on your received profiles from those services.

The same in reverse. Members can contact you if they have received your profile; a lot of the members on this kind of senior dating services prefer to correspond via letters. You can imagine that these are slower developing relationships, and that you probably would not meet anyone for a few months but these dating services are still popular.

For some people though these services are absolutely perfect, no hassles, no pressures and convenient if you do not happen to own a computer. A lot of seniors do not; they prefer to keep it the old-fashioned way, pen and paper. So these senior dating services suit them. The advantage with writing letters to one another is that you can discover a lot more about a person on paper; I think this is why these types of dating still do remain popular with seniors.

People tend to open up more on paper rather than face to face with someone, and another advantage with these dating is, it is not a rushed way of becoming friendly with a member. You can take your time; write as many or as few letters as you wish.

Yes okay, letter writing has dwindled considerably over the years thanks to the introduction of computers, but for the seniors in the world this is not always true. Many do not have, or intend to ever have, a computer. Senior dating services that are not computer based will always do well because they are targeting the one age generation that are likely not to have computers.

There are also dating services that run a group meetings where members can meet face to face, they hold these meeting once a month and members can just drop in. Many of these seniors run organised trips and events too.

The dating on the Internet became popular due to the convenience of them. It can all be carried out from your own home, apart from the actual meeting of course. However you see the senior dating services that are correspondence based can be done from home too.

I think the age of the computer has made many people lazy and rather than pick up a pen and write a letter, it is easier to type one on a computer keyboard. This is the reason for these services being so popular with the seniors that have no computer.

Being a senior and reading on the subject.