June 26, 2022
Cellular Phone Directory

Internet Has Got It’s First Cellular Phone Directory : These days I come across many people who ask me are there any free reverse search directory available on the internet? Let me make it clear, there are no reverse search directories available on the World Wide Web. There are public phone directories like the yellow and white pages which provide information regarding the land line and business numbers for free. Cell phone numbers are deprived from such directories as it is the private property of the owners.

The law of United States is very strict and hence they do not allow the public phone directories to maintain cellular phones owner’s details. Normally the telephone companies maintain the database of the service users and keep the information confidential. If you are a staff member of the company and if you use your smartness then you can see the details freely. But this can be dangerous if someone catches you. If the number is made public then one can easily misuse the details and play pranks with the owner.

Cellular Phone Directory :

If you want the details in a safe and secure manner then go for paid services of reverse search phone directory. If you opt for free services then it may take days or even weeks to trace details of a number. But reverse search needs less than 2 minutes and you get the accurate desired results. If you are thinking that this service includes huge investment then you are certainly wrong. It incurs few dollars and surely relieves you from stress.

There are two modes of payment, first is Credit Card and second is PayPal account. Both methods are secure. If you are looking for annual membership then it takes around $40. You can make as many reverse searches as you want after you get this membership. If you are not confident then you can also go for onetime search by paying per search.