June 30, 2022

Dubai being the centre of trade and commerce attracts large number of business firms to this city. In the last few years, Dubai has evolved as a hub for real estate business. Apart from this, Dubai is considered as one of the fastest growing countries in electronic and telecommunication sector. Companies in large number are extensively engaged in providing end to end solution to the telecom needs of the people. So as to provide world class telecommunication infrastructure to the city, many organisations are opting for high-tech telephone systems which would put Dubai telecom on the world map.

One of the most important requirements for a good telecommunication service is the availability of an efficient cabling or wireless network. The corporate firms are largely dependent on the Internet for the success of their business and hence they require an effective cabling network for this purpose. To provide complete solution to all the cabling network of the city, Dubai Telecom has come up with superior solutions that would have far reaching effects on the telecom sector of the city. Many telecom companies have jumped in to provide a solution, so that data is transferred securely and efficiently. Moreover, the Telecom UAE undermines the risk of insecure data transfer and the loss of signal during communication.

Panasonic, in order to provide end to end solution to the electronic needs of the people of UAE stepped into the electronic market of Dubai in 1998. Since then, it has been delivering high quality products and meeting the electronic needs of the people.

Wide range of services is provided by Panasonic Dubai which includes Consultancy, System design, Installations, Contracts, Project management etc. The company provides high quality and yet cost effective telecom systems and structured cabling to suit all business houses irrespective of the size of the organisation.

Panasonic Dubai is not just limited to providing high quality services but the company also provides various business telephone systems designed especially for small and medium-sized business houses. These phones are built in accordance with the highest standards of quality and precision and provide effective communication between the company and the client. Apart from providing various telephone systems, Panasonic also sells headset compatible, high quality portable handsets. Other features of these handsets are that they have vibration alert and blue backlit LCD screen. Panasonic has gained wide popularity in Dubai and has reached every household and offices.