June 30, 2022

Almost every company has a customer service desk that is meant to handle all the customer complaints. Most of the representatives are friendly and are always ready to help you. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you always get what you are looking for. This is because many people make plenty of mistakes. To help you out, here are tips on how to get the best service from the representatives.

Prepare yourself

To get your problem solved you need to know it. If you are having a technical issue with your online or electronic service you should know the exact problem so that you can explain it to the representative. If you are disputing charges that you feel might be wrong, first carefully go through the charges and come up with a rationalization as to why you feel that the bill is wrong. To make the work of the representatives easy, always know the solution that you are looking for

Be patient

If the company is large such as Telecommunications Company, chances are that the company receives hundreds of calls every minute. Due to this, all of the representatives might be engaged thus you have to wait for your turn. In other cases, the representatives might not be able to solve your problem instantly thus have to look up for the solution or consult.

To have a great experience you should be patient. This calls for you to ensure that you have enough time. If you are in the office, set aside at least 30 minutes so that you can comfortably communicate with the representatives. When communicating, always ensure that you do so at a quiet pace. You also should be away from distractions such as computers and cars.

Be nice to the representatives

Yes, the representatives are paid to listen to you, but they aren’t supposed to entertain a rude person. Regardless of how irritated you are by a service, you shouldn’t maintain your cool. Once you are connected to the customer representatives, speak in a professional tone. You should always say “please” and “thank you” when appropriate. It’s common for the representatives to ask probing questions. You should answer them without getting snappy or feel like they are wasting your time.

While you should be nice, you shouldn’t shy away from showing your dissatisfaction with a product or service. If you had ordered a product and you are yet to receive it, let the representative know that you are feeling taken for granted and your business not given the seriousness it deserves. As mentioned above, you should state the solution you are looking for.


These are tips on how to get the most from customer representatives. In most cases, the representatives will solve your problem but if they don’t, don’t hesitate to take the complaint further. For example, you can write to the director or president of the company.